The Glass Apothecary is created and run by me, Carla Morgan!
I am a Registered Yoga Teacher, Stained Glass Artist, and Community Herbalist living in Silver Spring, MD. I was drawn to stained glass at an early age by my parents who were stained glass artists. The beauty of Nature along with magical iridescent colors inspire my work.

Interested in a virtual yoga session with me? Reach out to the email below to learn more! All levels are welcome, especially beginners.

If you have any questions or have a request, please reach out to theglassapothecary@gmail.com


“From the first minute when we entered the room, you had set an inviting and beautiful space for our practice. Then you calmly led us, inviting us to be comfortable within our bodies. Your voice was calm and even. You modeled for us and invited us to experience the same within ourselves. You helped us make adjustments for poses…very simply making suggestions.

The singing bowls were the best I’ve heard. Clear and unhurried. You let the overtones fade nicely before you started another tone. It was really awesome..like you were trusting your own instincts which is the best.

Thank you!”

-Val C. (yoga student)